12 Year Flag Project Ends in Success

Pennsylvania mall gets a grand flag after 12 years of planning as the final flag project ends in success.

The Uniontown Mall in Fayette County, Pennsylvania is finally about to get its newest landmark, a 120-foot flagpole set in a 20-foot base. This 12-story pole will be adorned with a 30×60 foot flag, the size of a typical house! The monument is set to arrive Friday June 22, 2012.

Norman Zimmerman, president of the Fayette County Flag and American Memorial project, has dedicated over 12 years to this project and calls this, “a historic day for Fayette County,” that many people have dedicated their time and money to and are very eager to see the final end product. The next step will be a formal dedication memorial, set a couple months out. More donations need to be collected in preparation for that ceremony.

With a monument of these proportions, many structural challenges arose. Gregory R. Asbee of Altman & Altman Architects, who is overseeing the memorial, design, said the sheer size of the flag and pole presented many issues. The flag needs to be allowed to fly at half-staff without getting caught on any building around it. Finding a balance between the size of the monument and the flag was a key factor.

Aspects of the flag will be incorporated into the monument itself. Still in the works is planning for stars from the flag shape that will form abstract soldiers that will hold a permanent salute honoring the flag. In addition, stars will fit into the sidewalks surrounding the flagpole with a platform stage.

Zimmerman considers it a great honor to be a part of the project and be able to see it to completion.

Source: Trib Total Media

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