12 Year Old Petitions for American Flag in Classroom at Wagar Middle School

Daughter of Father Serving Overseas Upset by Missing American Flag -Carleton, MI

Jordin Kennedy, 12, was disheartened at the beginning of this school year when she noticed that something was missing from her classroom at Wagar Middle School. The flag poles at her school were empty.  This was an upsetting site to the 12 year old with a father serving the country overseas. “Having a dad in the military, it touches home,” said Jordin. “You’re proud to say you live in America, you’re proud of everything that’s red, white, and blue. And if somebody tries to take that away, it kind of hurts.” Jordin’s father, Jeffrey Kennedy, is a first lieutenant serving in Afghanistan on his third tour of duty. He is very proud of his young daughter for her patriotic actions at home.

Jordin Kennedy

The principle of Wagar Middle school, Dan Bondy, said the flags had been removed over the summer while the classroom underwent renovations. The school intended to replace them, but during the renovations some went missing. On the second day of her sixth grade year, Jordan walked into Bondy’s office and insisted that the flags be replaced in the classrooms.  When there was a delay in ordering he flags she had her fellow students sign a petition.  Shortly after Ms. Kennedys petition the flags arrived.


On Monday, Jordin was honored with a plaque and her own American flag by the Carleton VFW Post #4093 for her efforts. “It’s a pretty good feeling that if you try to do something, and you try hard enough, that it’ll happen,” Jordin told Action News.  To watch Jordin’s interview with Action News click here.


Credit: Smita Kalokhe, http://www.wxyz.com/

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