200,000 American Flags on Veterans Day

In Southern California, 200,000 American Flags on Veterans Day were placed on the graves of vets to honor their commitment to serving the country.

Members of the US military who made the ultimate sacrifice to our country were honored this Veteran’s Day in a special way. This year marked the first anniversary that every grave at the Riverside National Cemetery in California received its own American flag. This is over 200,000 flags!

Volunteers from all over California came to help out, including Boy Scouts, troops, veterans, and more. However, brief panic set in when organizers realized they were a few hundred flags short! However, thanks to some quick thinking from a few volunteers every grave received a US flag.

Field of Heroes American Flags

This particular cemetery has a tradition of honoring heroes with flags on several holidays. In fact, they have been setting up flags as grave markers since 2007. But, this is the very first year that every grave has been adorned by the stars and stripes.

In addition to the flags, the Riverside National Cemetery also held a ceremony on Monday to honor veterans and celebrate the cemetery’s 35th anniversary. Riverside National Cemetery is also the busiest cemetery in the entire United States, according to the amount of daily services held there.

Click Here to watch an Amazing VIDEO of the Flag Display: NBC Los Angeles

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