341-foot Flag Pole Dedicated to 9/11 Victims

Car Dealer Wants to Put Up 341-foot Flagpole in Dedication to 9/11 Victims. – FL.

earl stewart

Earl Stewart, 71, wants to put up a 341-foot flag pole, almost five times as tall as Donald Trump’s 70-footer at Mar-a-Lago, at his Toyota dealership.  The Steel pole will cost about $800,000 and will be about 5 feet in diameter at the base. The American flag would be 50 feet by 30 feet and would be about twice the size of Donald Trump’s.  “Yes, it’s self-serving. I’m 71 years old. I want to build something that will be around for a long time,” Stewart said.

Flag Pole FL

The flag pole must be approved by the Federal Aviation Administration and must be built to withstand hurricane-force winds. Stewart’s proposal is scheduled to go before the town commission at 6:30 p.m. on Wednesday (06.06.12). The flag pole would be about the same height as the 32-story Trump Plaza in downtown West Palm Beach and it would be almost twice as high as the 180-foot Seacoast Utility Authority water tower.

Trumps flag pole

Donald Trump’s 70-foot-tall flag pole at Mar-a-Lago

Credit: Bill Dipaolo | Palm Beach Post

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