48-Star Flag Resurfaces on Election Day

Rewind back a month to June 5 and you have Election Day in Ventura County. After voting, Camarillo resident Keith Salvas discovered a special treasure – a brand new 48-star American flag. Salvas, a clerk for the Los Angeles Unified School District, described his finding as “almost like finding a lost Picasso.”

With this incredible discovery, he vowed to preserve this flag as historically significant; Salvas did so by dedicating himself to a campaign surrounding it. By contacting the Ventura County Elections Division, he informed them of his find, hoping the flag would be framed and put on display for the public to view. Because of the pristine condition, Salvas does not believe this flag is ready to be retired.

However, not all in the county feel as sentimental as Salvas does towards this flag. Mark Lunn, a Ventura County Clerk-Record reported, “48-star flags are fairly prevalent and I don’t see the significance of doing something other than what we would normally do.”

In a follow up interview, Lunn did say he would look into the historical significance before he made a final decision. Depending on the uniqueness of the flag, the patriotic item could be placed in their vault for years to come.

The 48-star flag was created in 1912 after New Mexico and Arizona joined the United States and President Taft issued to order that established the proportions and arrangement of the stars. U.S. troops carried this flag into battle during WWI, WWII, and the Korean War.

Source: VC Star

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