5 Worst State Flags Voted by NAVA

Earlier this week, we discussed the top five state flags as voted by the National American Vexillogial Association in 2001. These top five flags were unique and simple designs and two didn’t follow the norm at all as they contained no blue, unlike the other 46 U.S. state flags.

Sadly, to every top list there is a bottom list; the flags that didn’t make it to the top, middle or in-between. They lacked creativity and were voted the worst state flags. What will these bottom flags have in common? Design? Color? Will they all have state seals? Let’s find out!

72. Georgia (2001-2003)

Rank: 2.36

Reason: The flag “violates all principles of good flag design”.

worst state flags georgia

Georgia is a state with an ever changing flag. In the last 100 years they have adopted seven state flags with the 2002 version being one of its most boring designs. In 2001 after many lobbied for a new state flag, Governor Roy Barnes hurried for a replacement. This flag was designed by architect Cecil Alexander. In this flag Alexander included smaller versions of some of Georgia’s former flags in a banner with the words “Georgia’s History” written beneath it. Also in this flag was the Georgia state seal. In 2003, a new flag was accepted by a popular vote of 73.1%.

71. Nebraska

Rank: 2.98

worst state flags nebraska

The Nebraska state flag is a blue field with the Nebraskan state seal. The design was officially adopted in 1963. After the NAVA declared Nebraska the second worst state flag in their survey there had been word to change it but that flag remains unchanged.

70. Montana

Rank: 3.00


Montana is yet another flag that consists of a blue field and a state seal. The Montana state flag followed many other state flag designs in that it was a blue flag with a complex seal. This reason is why many of the U.S. state flags ranked so low during this survey.

69. Kansas

Rank: 3.01


And the pattern continues as we make our way to the Kansas state flag. Blue, state seal and the state name in all its glory. Though it dies have that state name written out and a sunflower adorning the seal, the lack of real creativity landed this flag towards to bottom of the worst state flags list.

68: South Dakota

Rank: 3.12


While the South Dakota flag is not on a dark blue field it still has the state seal and was critiqued for the unnecessary repetition of the state name. The state name appears both inside and outside the state seal which is lined in triangles to represent the sun as South Dakota is known for being relatively sunny.

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