7,000 American Flags Displayed on 9/11 in Kansas

A community honors every single fallen American military hero during the War on Terrorism with a 7,000 American Flags Displayed on 9/11.

Every single flag of the 7,000-flag display had a purpose. The display honored every American military-related death that has occurred during the War on Terrorism. “We have one flag for every loss of life. We didn’t want a token amount of flags,” said Vietnam veteran Jim Scott.

9/11 American Flag Display in Kansas

The organization that put up the flags also had one more requirement – every flag displayed MUST be made in the USA.

The flag ceremony was held on September 11th at the Ft. Scott National Historic Park in southeast Kansas where Betty Boyko is the superintendent. Boyko said, “I think this says this is a community that recognizes not only that this is their national park, but that they take pride in their history and this nation’s freedom.”

Even though there are no names or pictures of the fallen military heroes, the US flags still hold enormous meaning. Governor Sam Brownback also attended Wednesday’s event. To him, patriotism isn’t necessarily a trait that is handed down from one generation to the next. Each one of us must learn what freedom means and that it does come at a price.

The community aptly named the 7,000 flag display the “Field of Honor,” which will remain open to the public during the day until Sunday, September 15th.


Credit: KOAMtv

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