75 Year-Old Woman Faces Eviction for Flying American Flags – NJ

Dawn Paulus, 75, Threaten With Eviction for Refusing to Remove Three American Flags –Phillipsburg, N.J.

Dawn Paulus, 75, flew three small American flags from her balcony in honor of Memorial Day.  Having lived through world wars and other difficult times she feels it’s important to express her patriotism and constitutional rights. With brothers, nephews, cousins and husbands having served or in services, supporting the veterans is a big deal to Mrs. Paulus.  But soon after she put the flags up, she received a cease order from the Philadelphia Housing Authority.  According to the Housing Authority she is in violation of her lease and will be evicted if she continues to leave the flags up on her balcony.  Paul Rummerfield, the executive director of the Phillipsburg Housing Authority said, “I don’t want to be that guy. I don’t want my legacy to be I kicked anyone out over a flag.” He also stated, “We’re not anti-American. It’s just a lease provision that says nothing can be on the balconies.” Rummerfield has been getting death threats from people that are so angry over the issue, but he claim the flags are a safety hazard.

Dawn Paulus

Paulus lives close to the town’s Civil War Memorial and the Memorial Day Parade passes by Paulus apartment.  It was important to her that the American flags could be seen from the street and she says she’s willing to face eviction over it. “I understand that’s their rules, but I’m still sticking to my constitutional rights”, she said.  However, for the housing authority it’s not about old glory, but public safety.  “They say I should be shipped off to the Russian gulag, that I’m anti-American,” says Rummerfield.  Dawn Paulus originally put the flags up in honor of Memorial Day, but says she will keep them up until she is legally told to take them down.




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