9/11 Flag Ceremonies Across the Country Honor Victims and Those Who Served

The nation honors those lost on 9/11 with flags at half-staff, memorials, and donations.

In Henderson, Tennessee, National Guard Maj. Donny Hebel addressed the crowd with a speech about the privilege and honor of being an American. He also said, “We have the liberty and freedom to do anything we want to in the world, I think a lot of us, as Americans, take that freedom for granted.”

9-11 Flag Ceremonies

Hebel, along with other Guardsmen attended the flagpole ceremony at the Medical Center EMS in order to honor and remember all who served and fell victim to the September 11 attacks. The ceremony also honored all the first responders who gave their lives to make sure others were safe.

One Guardsman recalls exactly where he was, huddled around a television, when the attacks occurred. That is a definite moment in history, nobody will forget.

In Indianapolis, Indiana, citizens marked this 11th anniversary by waving American flags from overpasses, remembering lost loved ones, and donating shoes for the needy along with supplies for those serving overseas.

One native Hoosier commented on the historic day with, “I think our greatness is defined in the way we treat each other with kindness – in particular that day, the people who gave their lives to total strangers in most cases in those very last hours. That moves me. That bravery, and that courage and that love. Stories we’ll never know.”

The country has taken this tragic event and turned it into a day of caring and compassion with 9/11 flag ceremonies, volunteering and other activities in the community. The Law Enforcement Firefighters Memorial group proceeded to collect small items such as socks, toiletries, snacks and more that will be sent to troops currently serving in Iraq and Afghanistan.

9-11 Half Staff Flag

Flags were also lowered to half-staff across the U.S. on September 11 as an additional way to commemorate the day. By an act of Congress, September 11th was named Patriot Day, which includes a mandatory half-staff day for all Americans. Other National Holidays requiring half-staff include Memorial Day, Pearl Harbor Day (Dec. 7), and Peace Officers Memorial Day (May 15).

Credit: Courier-Journal | Times Union | Jackson Sun

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