Government to Buy US Flags Made in America under All-American Flag Act

Illinois Congresswoman and Iowa Senator work to pass a bill that would require the US government to only buy US flags made in America, according to the All-American Flag Act.

Do you know where your American flag was made? You might assume the US but that is not always true. Two lawmakers are trying the push the government into buying only USA-made flags to fly on federal buildings.

Illinois Congresswoman Cheri Bustos and Iowa Senator Bruce Braley are two of the lawmakers spearheading the project. Braley said, “Allowing the government to purchase flags from foreign countries is embarrassing to America’s great symbol. There are many companies here in the US that proudly manufacture American flags.”

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According to Bustos, she has heard over and over from many US veterans they are disappointed that way too many American flags are actually made abroad. New York Representative Peter King and California Representative Mike Thompson have also been instrumental in pushing the act.

These 4 key lawmakers’ goal is to reintroduce the All-American Flag Act. This new piece of legislature would require the Federal Government to buy flags that are entirely made in the USA. The current law states that the government only needs to purchase flags that are half made with American materials.

The flag bill was officially introduced to the Senate on June 24th, 2013. It would take six full months until it went into effect, if the All-American Flag Act is approved. In 2011 $3.6 million was spent in the US on importing flags, according to the US Census. Of that amount, $3.3 million worth of imported flags came from China along.

What do you think of the All-American Flag Act? Would you approve the bill, why or why not?

Credit: WQAD

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