All-American Flag Act Draws Support from Students Young and Old

Many students – including those at Florida State University and Palm Bay Elementary – are vocalizing their support for the All-American Flag Act which would ban government use of foreign made U.S. flags.

According to the All-American Flag Act proposed on June 13, 2013, “any flags of the United States acquired for use by the federal government to be entirely manufactured in the United States from articles, materials, or supplies entirely grown, produced, or manufactured in the United States.”

This bill was introduced to the Senate by Ritch Workman (R-Florida) and has been at a stand-still in the process.  This is not the first time a bill of this nature has been proposed.  A similar idea was brought to the attention of the US House of Representatives in 2011.  It had the intention of stopping the federal government from buying and displaying American flags made outside of the US.

This time seems to be garnering more support from the citizens in which the flag represents, including Palm Bay Elementary students in Palm Bay, FL and Florida State University broadcasters.

Video: Palm Bay Elementary All-American Flag Act Event

On March 16, students of the Community Problem Solving Team showed their support for the proposed All-American Flag Act.  As fifth-grader Abby Perez puts it: “How exciting would that be, to have your class project turned into a bill?”


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