American Flag as a Symbol of Hope for the Hood Family

An American flag, as a symbol of hope, will be flown in various places around country for one special little girl.

In Caro, Michigan, one brave little girl, Lauren Hood, has faced more challenges in her two years than most people see in a lifetime. Her family, parents Shane and Colleen, received an American flag from Senator Mike Green for her courage and unwillingness to give up or shy away from adversity. The flag will be flown around various spots in the country before finally being presented to Lauren.

Earlier this year, Lauren was diagnosed with Hurler Syndrome, part of a group of metabolic stage disorders in which the lack of an enzyme affects various organs and tissues. Two main treatments for children with this syndrome are enzyme replacement therapy and a bone marrow or cord blood transplant.

Lauren Hood

Since late May, Lauren has been staying at the University of Michigan Children’s Amblatz Hospital and prior to that she resided at the University of Minnesota Children’s Amblatz Hospital. The family hopes to have her home by Christmas.

During her time in Minnesota, community members around both Minnesota and Caro united in support for the Hood family and threw fundraisers with plenty of prayers for Lauren’s recovery. Starting its tour in Minnesota, the flag thanks everyone for their care and symbolizes hope for all children, patients, and families at the hospital.

After five days in Minneapolis, the flag will return to Caro where it will proudly wave over the municipal building in addition to McComb Elementary School where Lauren’s brother Landon is a first grader. Then, the flag will make one last stop at Kingston Elementary School where Colleen Hood is a teacher. Finally, after the flag is done spreading its powerful message, it will land in the tiny hands of Lauren.

Credit: Tuscola Today

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