The American Flag Should be Cherished, Not Burned

“Maybe you’ll get wise one day and realize that the symbol of the flag isn’t what you’re protesting. That’s what gives you the ability to protest. You should cherish that, not burn it” – Eric Post


A flag. The symbol of a country that represents the triumphs and downfalls of nations across the world. The true meaning of a flag will vary from person to person depending on how much it has impacted their life. The difficulty behind that is understanding the meaning before you make any judgments about that person. With every action, there is a consequence to follow. As well all know these past few months have been hectic and chaotic in a sense that the people of the United States clearly have different political views and stances on how our country should be ran. Keeping this in mind we must remember we are ONE nation under God.

My parents raised me to be a respectful, educated and understanding adult. From my background and the small town that I’m from; we know to always put our hand over our hearts during the national anthem and to never let that flag touch the ground under any circumstance. I personally have never served in the military but I have family members who do so. To them; that flag represents what country they fight for, the respect of the fallen men and women who fought before them and the relentless effort to better the United States of America. Freedom of speech is a pillar of American society. Every person has the right to use it, but how you go about using this right can tell you a lot about a person.

In the video posted in the link above, you can feel the pain of a former marine who is struggling with the thought of Americans burning our national symbol. The man in him wanted to race down there and give the protesters a piece of his mind, but a text from his daughter changed his outlook completely. He’s no longer at war, and he doesn’t have to use force to get his point across. Emotions can be powerful and overwhelming at times but it is all apart of being human. This gentleman was a marine; taught to be tough regardless of the situation. You can see the vulnerability of this man when members of his own country dismantle and burn the flag that he fought for.

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