American Flag Display at Sports Games

The American flag is most prominent during the national anthem as the entire stadium shows their support to the United States of America. During this time, sports teams have decided to get creative in their ways to display patriotism. They have started using large flags, numerous flags, and card stunts. American flag display at sports games has evolved over the years. Let’s take a look at the various ways that the American flag is displayed during sporting events.

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Below is an image of a few military members holding both American and military flags during the national anthem. This is the classic approach that is used most often during sporting events.

Image of military members carrying the flag at a sports game.

Below you will find a larger American flag that covers a portion of an NFL football field. This approach requires volunteers to help roll out and remove the flag from the playing field.

Image of the American flag on a football field.

In this example, the Indianapolis Colts unveiled an extremely large American flag during the national anthem. This flag covers the entire length and width of the NFL football field, which is 100 yards long by 53 yards wide. This approach takes a great amount of collaboration among volunteers and planning from the event staff. The only downfall is that some of these massive flags have been known to rip when being unraveled.

Image of an American flag covering the entire length of a football field.

Some teams have tried to get more creative with their American flag display. Below is an example of an American flag that is shaped like the United States.

Image of an American flag shaped like the United States.

The University of North Carolina actually painted the logo on the center of their field to appear like the American flag.

Image of the North Carolina logo painted like the American flag.

The University of Iowa took flag display at sports games to the next level. They displayed an American flag shaped like the United States and asked fans engage in a card stunt. A card stunt is when everyone in the stadium holds up a colored card. The card color is predetermined by the event staff. Take a look at the stadium below for an example of a card stunt.

Image of a football stadium doing a card stunt.

Finally, the Green Bay Packers thanked members of the military with a large flag display and a card stunt. You will notice that this card stunt includes both text and design. This complexity takes an incredible amount of time and effort from the event staff to ensure that every detail is precise. On such a large stage, a card stunt can go wrong and create unwanted PR.

Image of a football stadium doing a card stunt thanking the military.

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  1. During the Fourth of July fireworks, is it OK to turn off the lights lighting the flag? if not what would be the proper procedure?
    Lower and remove the flag before turning out the lights; or
    leave the flag lights on during the fireworks display?

  2. Displaying the flag was not done except as a knee-jerk reaction Then it’s not about the flag. The song the Star Spangled Banner is not about our fifty star flag, but a poetic license to motivate-inspired by being allowed to land where it was a possession of his country-elated he could get off the ship. Having the flag flat such a marchers or stretched out as big as the field horizontal or touch the ground actually violates a section of the US code on Respecting the Flag UScode Title 4 §8 b), c).-Ernie Moore Jr.

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