American Flag Etiquette Trivia

How well do you know proper American flag etiquette? Take the flag etiquette trivia quiz below to find out.

This flag etiquette trivia quiz does not cover everything there is to know about American flag etiquette. CVS Flags is an advocate for following proper American flag etiquette at all times. Click here to learn more about proper American flag etiquette.

Image of the American Flag.

 True or False

1. State Governors have the power to order the American flag to be lowered to half-staff.

2. The American flag should be flown at half-staff the entire day on Memorial Day.

3. On half-staff flag days, the American flag should be first hoisted to the peak of the flag pole before being lowered to half-staff.

4. The American flag is worn backwards on uniform arm patches.

5. There is no proper way to retire the American flag, you can treat it however you so choose.

Multiple Choice

1. Congress adopted a resolution to make the Flag Code a law in which year:

A. 1942

B. 1955

C. 1976

D. 1990

2. The American flag should be flown at which of the following locations

A. Public institutions

B. Government buildings

C. Schools or universities

D. All of the above

3. When other flags (state flags, city flags) are flown on the same flag pole, where should the American flag be?

A. Top

B. Middle

C. Bottom

4. When hung on a wall or attached to a window, where should the blue star field be located (viewer’s perspective)?

A. Top Right

B. Bottom Left

C. Top Left

D. Bottom Right

5. When equal sized flags of two or more nations are flown from separate staffs, how should they be aligned?

A. Staggered

B. At the same height

C. At an incline starting from the left


True or False

1. True, but they do not have the power to give half-staff flag orders to other states.

2. False, the flag is only flown at half-staff until Noon on Memorial Day.

3. True

4. True, click here to learn why.

5. False, there is a proper way to retire the American flag.

Multiple Choice

1. A, 1942. The resolution was amended in 1976 and became Public Law 93-344.

2. D, All of the above

3. A, Top.

4. C, Top Left.

5. B, At the same height (in times of peace)

Are you a flag etiquette trivia wiz? Let us know how you scored in the comments section below!

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