American Flag Finds New Home at Veterans War Memorial

World War II Veteran ends 14-year campaign to move flag to proper position within the Veterans War Memorial.

Over 14-years ago, Wally Tharp dedicated himself to a campaign to swap the U.S. flag to a more proper position at the Clark County Veteran’s War Memorial. The same flag still flies in the breeze, but it is now displayed from a different pole that used to display the Washington State flag.

Tharp, a 92-year-old veteran from World War II, raised his voice many years ago about the stars and stripes flying in a subservient position to other flags. On October 23rd, Tharp finally got to witness his hard work and dedication finally pay off when he watched the flag raised to its new height and right position.

WWII Vet, moves American Flag

The Clark County Memorial honors veterans who have died since the Spanish-American War, opening in 1998. The Vancouver Barracks used to be a U.S. Army installation but the Army transferred it to the National Park Service earlier this year. Greg Shine, chief ranger at the Fort Vancouver National Historical Site, gave Tharp a hand in completing his patriotic mission. Shine acted as a correspondent between different organizations with expertise on flag matters.

Tharp also enjoys visiting local classrooms and teaching students proper flag etiquette techniques. A common practice people tend to overlook that Tharp likes to highlight is the American flag should always be to the left of an observer facing the display.

With his one project complete, Tharp is already planning his next campaign. He says the earliest war fatalities monument should be facing the American flag.

Credit: Columbian | Oregon Live

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