American Flag Honors a Local Marine

Over 45 years later, a special U.S. flag honors a local Marine.

In Wappingers Falls when Dennis Whiteley was only ten years old, his brother Wayne was killed by a sniper in Vietnam. Now more than 45 years later, Marine Lance Cpl. Wayne Whiteley was honored for his dedication and sacrifice to his country with an American flag.

In a special ceremony, Dennis and his parents received a commemorative American flag that had flown over the U.S. capitol. The flag is now set to fly outside the nursing home where Bill and Tess Whiteley reside. During the ceremony, veterans from World War II through the Iraq and Afghanistan wars joined to watch and honor the long lost local hero. Wayne, age 89, even helped raise the flag in memorial of his son.

flag honors a local marine

The dedication of the flag and ceremony were also meant to highlight the growing concern for the large number of veterans who now need special medical assistance. Programs that now run through the Department of Veteran’s Affairs will be safe from upcoming Federal cuts, but still require attention.

According to the VA, at the end of September 2012, there were over 480,000 veterans just in New York who served since the Vietnam era. And more than one third of them were under 65.

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Credit: Poughkeepsie Journal

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