American Flag Is Reimagined in AR4T Gallery Premier

A number of artists showcase their skills and what they think it means to be American.

In the 1960’s, with change and revolution on the minds of many, it was considered by society very offensive to wear any image of the American flag on an article of clothing. Punishable by fine or arrest, laws protected Old Glory from such desecration (intentional, or not) from touching someone’s skin.

Nowadays, such attitudes have taken a full 180 degree turn. In the past 50 years, a more common belief is the more stars and stripes you adorn, the more patriotic you must be! Along similar lines, the AR4T Gallery in Laguna Beach, California opened a show Thursday, October 4 titled “Futureland 2012: The American Flag,” where 18 artists will display their own versions of the stars and stripes. The show will run from October 4-28.

American Flag artBeing an American is a constantly changing experience since there is a tendency for peoples’ level of patriotism to shift based on the nation’s political situation. One artist commented with, “I do have a huge respect for the personal and creative freedoms that are afforded to Americans. I would say that one of my objectives, as an American, is to honor our progressive culture by pushing creative boundaries and making relevant work.”

American Flag wood art

With 18 perspectives all drawing creative inspiration from the American flag, the show is definitely sure to have something for everyone!


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