American Flag Mural Dedicated to Triple Amputee Soldier

Well-known patriotic artist, Scott LoBaido, agreed to paint a giant American flag mural to honor an injured US soldier.

American flag mural front

In downtown Tampa, Florida, one man is creating a new and unique dedication to an injured US soldier. Paintbrushes in hand, world-renowned artist Scott LoBaido began turning the north wall of the Tampa Firefighters museum into a dedication like no other. His one-of-a-kind American flag mural is meant to honor a triple amputee American soldier.

LoBaido has now travelled to all 50 states, painting murals to support the troops along the way. He has never personally served in the military, but has many family members who have dedicated themselves to the country.

His specialty is American flags. LoBaido believes, “It’s the most meaningful, powerful, the most recognizable work of art in the world.” This particular Tampa American flag mural is dedicated to Sergeant Mike Nicholson, who sadly lost his left arm and both legs when an IED exploded on him nearly two years ago.

American flag mural side

LoBaido isn’t the only one working to honor and help Nicholson. The Gary Sinise Foundation and Stephen Siller Tunnel to Towers Foundation are both in progress of raising enough funds to build the Sergeant a home in which he can be independent. The “smart” home cost roughly half a million dollars and includes incredible technology in every room of the house.

Along with the giant US flag mural on the museum wall, other generous offers include a special rock concert that is designed to collect donations that will go towards the new home.

If you have ever helped a veteran out in a unique way, let us know. We would love to hear your story! And if you’re looking for a special way to honor a soldier, American flags say it all. Get one just in time for Memorial Day.

Credit: WUSF News

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