American Flag Mural Vandalized in Brooklyn, NY.

Police Search for Criminal Who Vandalized Patriot Artist’s, Scott LoBaido, American Flag Mural – Brooklyn, NY.

American Flag Mural Vandalized

This week Brooklyn Police start their investigation into finding the vandal who defaced an American flag mural off of McDonald Avenue.   Early Monday morning a man pulled up in front of Kensington linen warehouse and graffiti “Patriotism Makes Me Sick” across the mural in black spray paint.  Patriot artist, Scott LoBaido, painted the mural of the U.S. flag on the warehouse wall two years ago. Thursday, when asked about it, he called the act a ‘hate crime.’  The owner of the building didn’t realize until sometime after discovering the graffiti that the entire crime was caught on a nearby surveillance camera.  In the video around 1am on Monday morning you see the man in a van drive past the mural then stop, back up to the mural and turn off his headlights.  He gets out of the van and in not much more than 15 seconds graffiti’s the walk and then flees.  It is apparent that the graffitist did not notice the video camera while scanning for on-goers. To watch the surveillance camera footage, click here.

Scott LoBaido mural

Scott LoBaido, the patriot artist who painted the mural, drove across the United States during 2006 in 10 months with the goal of accomplishing what he called “Flags across America.” His objective was to paint a large American flag on one rooftop in each of the 50 states to ensure that all soldiers flying home from war would look down and seen an American Flag greeting them home.  It is Scott’s mission to make sure that the soldiers returning home know how grateful we all are for their service to our country, and to acknowledge the families of these great men and women.  His pride in being an American expressed threw his art makes him a true patriot and an American artist.  Check out more of Scott LoBaido’s art at

Scott LoBaido flag mural

World Largest American Flag Mural

World Largest American Flag Mural

150,000 Square Ft. 3.5 Acres

Started: June 14th (Flag Day)

Finished: July 4th, 2010

Credit: Stephanie Tsoflias,

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