American Flag Procession Escorts ex-Navy SEAL to Burial

Chris Kyle’s American flag procession was led by 200 vehicles and many more citizens paying their respects to the hero.

After a 200-mile journey back home, former Navy SEAL sniper Chris Kyle was laid to rest in Austin, Texas as his family and fellow SEALs watched amid the sorrow sounds of drums and bagpipes. At the Texas State Cemetery, a giant Texas flag flew at half-staff to honor the hero. Considered the deadliest sniper in U.S. military history, Kyle and his friend were killed in early February while at a gun range.

American flag procession for Chris Kyle
Local citizens show their support for ex-Navy SEAL Chris Kyle by waving their American flags along the procession route

Kyle’s casket, with an American flag draped over it, was carried from his hometown of Midlothian to Austin. As the 200 vehicle procession crossed the state, many drivers pulled to the side of the road to watch while others showed their support by waving their own American flags. The procession included motorcycles, police cruisers, motor coaches, and more.

Only 37-year-old, Kyle completed four tours in Iraq along with writing a best-selling book “American Sniper.” In Austin, hundreds of people gathered around the cemetery to pay their respects to the American hero. Many were veterans in leather jackets while others were businessmen in suits on their lunch break. Everybody was welcome.

Authorities say an Iraq veteran with PTSD named Eddie Routh has been charged with shooting Kyle and his friend Chad Littlefield. All three men arrived together at the gun range were Routh later turned on then men and fled in Chris’ truck.

Chris Kyle's American flag coffin
Kyle’s American Flag-draped coffin during his memorial service

A few days before the funeral, over 7,000 people (and more American flags) attended a two-hour memorial service for Chris at Cowboys Stadium. His coffin was placed on the mid-field star. Kyle left behind a wife and two kids. His widow Taya says her two children will remember Kyle’s silly side, Texas twang, and all the prayers they have said together.

Credit: Las Vegas Sun

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