American Flag Skydivers Kick Off Festival

Oceanside Harbor Days in California opens with a skydiving spectacle, including a giant American Flag.

Oceanside Harbor Days is a truly unique festival, bringing together street fair attractions with the fun and sun of the harbor and beach. The city kicked off the festivities this past Saturday and Sunday with a skydiver jumping with a giant American flag. Over 40,000 people attended the festival over the two days, many of which watched with awe as the American flag skydivers floated graciously to the ground.

American Flag Skydiver

Leaping from a moving plane thousands of feet in the air is not something high on many people’s agenda, let alone performing that jump alongside a 1,200 square-foot American flag. But nothing intimidates the Tsunami Skydivers in Oceanside and Skydiving Innovations of San Diego, who partnered together to perform the spectacle. They were simply showing their patriotism the best way they knew how.

The festival also included a visit from the Coast Guard, who docked in the harbor and opened their ship for tours. The Navy also made a guest appearance with an action-packed landing on the beach Saturday morning.

Credit: Camp Pendleton Patch

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