American Flag Tour Rolls On

American flag tour rolls on as it stops in Lake Charles, Louisiana to visit an old destroyer ship named the USS Orleck

An American flag is making its way around the country on a unique flag tour. The most recent stop was in Lake Charles, Louisiana, which was the 78th historic site the flag has been to thus far.

American Flag Tour Lake Charles

What makes this American flag so special? Well, this one US flag flew on a flag poles in seven different foreign countries. Captain Colin Fulbright started the American flag tour and this past Saturday he hoisted the flag high in the sky aboard the USS Orleck.

Fulbright said, “It’s actually a flag my dad flew in Iraq. He brought it back from Iraq, gave it to me, I took it to Afghanistan and flew it in Afghanistan. Since then it’s just kind of been going around.”

The flag has seen almost every corner of the world, but this is the first time it’s been raised in Louisiana. In fact, the USS Orleck is the 20th ship that this is flag has been raised atop. But just as quick as the flag was raised, it was taken down.

American Flag on USS Orleck

Why did Captain Fulbright choose the USS Orleck? The ship that was once a World War II era destroyer now resides in a Navy Museum that serves as a historic museum and veterans memorial. There are only 11 historic destroyer ships that are museums in the entire country.

The ship was built in 1945 and was launched into the Sabine River on May 12th. She served her country in both Korea and Vietnam, which earned her several prestigious awards. In 1982 the Orleck was taken out of commission.

Is this the flag’s last stop? Absolutely not! Fulbright has a long list of places and historic sites that he hopes to fly his flag and continue his flag tour.

If you’d like to follow Captain Fulbright’s American Flag tour, visit the Facebook Page for more details.

Credit: KPLC TV

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