American Flags Pulled from Dumpster

Over one hundred American flags pulled from dumpster by a US Army veteran after a very disrespectful disposal

When Jay Mayo went to the Greenport Transfer station Tuesday morning, he saw something he didn’t expect and definitely didn’t like. As he looked into the trash bin he discovered numerous American flags thrown away like garbage. Some flags were brand new in their original packaging.

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Mayo expressed his distaste with a photo on Facebook of the flags in the trash. In total, he pulled out 117 US flags, which took him about 20 minutes. Mayo is a US Army veteran, and both is father and brother served in the US Marines.

Of the 100+ American flags, most of them were small, household-size flags around two-by-three feet in size. But, Mayo did pull out a few larger flags, around 10 to 12 feet long. The majority of the flags were old and worn out, but some were brand new, still in the bag!

Eventually the news made its way back to the Hudson Public Works Commissioner Rob Perry. Most of the flags Mayo found in the dumpster had been hanging along a city street for Veteran’s Day. When they were taken down, all flags were carefully set aside to be properly disposed of by the Elks Club.

However, a new garbage crew mistakenly took the flags along with the regular trash. Mayo said he realized the whole debacle was a misunderstanding and plans to help the flags see a proper retirement.

Credit: Register Star

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