American Flags Stolen from Children’s Charity

The five American flags stolen were part of a larger organization that helps raise money for sick and needy children in the community.

In Woodstock, Georgia, a very sad and unpatriotic act took place last week. A thief, or band of thieves, stole several American flags from the Towne Lake Optimist Club, a local organization that helps raise money for children’s charities. Every year the club gets up early in the morning and displays American flags all over town for six holidays, including the Fourth of July.

Flags Stolen from Charity

The club reported five American flags stolen in all, three from in front of a local park and two from the Creekstone area. The Optimist Club doesn’t only display the flags to show off their patriotism, but to also raise money for children’s charities all over the area.

Local businesses, homeowners and community groups pay the Optimist Club for the opportunity to display the flags on special holidays. The money raised then goes to a variety of children’s organizations that help kids with brain tumors, cancer, supporting scholarships and much more.

The thieves did not just take away from the club, but many sick and unfortunate kids that need the help. President of the Club Matt Halloran said, “No, they’re hurting the kids. They’re hurting the children. And we can replace the flags. But we cannot replace what that flag does and means to those kids.”

Despite this act, the Woodstock community has banded together and helped raised over $17,000 in total for the children’s charities. Halloran also revealed that in just 14 short months the club has been around, they have gone from zero flags in the community to 488. But sadly, this is not the first time they have had to deal with stolen American flags. Last year a staggering 15 flags were stolen, but fortunately 11 were returned.

Credit: 11 Alive News

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