American Legion Donates US Flags to a Local School

The American Legion donates US flags to a local school, along with the American Legion Auxiliary group in hopes of teaching more students about the flag.

There are many ways to teach fourth graders about civic pride and duty but the American Legion Post 191 took it upon themselves to demonstrate it. Veterans of the Kingsburg Post recently donated US flags to the Reagan School.

American Legion donates flags

How many flags did they donate? Together, the American Legion Post and American Legion Auxiliary Unit gave 126 new American flags to the elementary school.

Why did they donate so many flags? Post Commander Doug Toews said, “There were 20 American classroom flags that were yellowed and needed to be replaced. What better investment could the American Legion make than to provide American flags for the youth of the elementary school district?”

Several students, veterans and teachers all participated in a special ceremony to present the flags to the school. Past Auxiliary President Graetian Thiesen read a portion of the California Education Code that stated how schools “shall conduct appropriate patriotic exercises” such as saying the Pledge of Allegiance.

Thiesen also went a step further and asked students what their opinion was on the importance of the flag. Some of the students responded with:

  • “The American flag shows respect to our nation.”
  • “The American flag respects others.”
  • “The American flag stands for the people that died for our freedom.”
  • “The American flag represents our freedom.”
  • “The American flag is a symbol of the United States of America.”

What does the American flag mean to you?

Credit: Hanford Sentinel

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  1. Our school is in need of a new United States flag, and New Mexico flag. Could you donate to our beautiful little rural school. Our school is located at 09 Midway Road, Polvadera, NM 87823. School phone number is 575-8.5-1098.
    Thank You,
    Barbara McLain

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