American Legion Expands Flag Displays in Downtown Danbury

Numerous American flags now line the streets of Danbury, Connecticut thanks to the American Legion Post #60 Color Guard.

The streets of Danbury, Connecticut never fail to honor the stars and stripes, thanks to the American Legion Post #60 Color Guard. The small band of veterans have previously placed American flags along Main Street in front of the various businesses that participate in the Post’s flag display program.

With the recent expansion of the program, flags will now fly along White Street and West Street in Danbury. On Labor Day, while most of the town was still snug in bed, American Legion Color Guard member Bob Krokovich, Sr. and Allen Keeler, along with the Mayor Mark Boughton and Mayoral Aide P.J. Prunty, strolled the city, placing flags in front of the newly added businesses.

Danbury American Legion

Robert Krokovich, Sr. resides as Co-Captain of the flag program and helped launch this patriotic program along with continuing to help expand its reach around the community. Krokovich commented with, “Displaying the Nation’s flag is dear to us and I thank our participating businesses along with Mayor Mark Boughton, P.J. Prunty from the Mayor’s office and Councilman Tom Saadi for making the expansion of this patriotic program a success.”

The Mayor also expressed his admiration for the program by calling it an honor and privilege to have the Legion request his help and that it will be a tradition that could not be possible without the hard work put in by the American Legion.

The program relies on volunteers from the American Legion and numerous participants and donations from the community and local businesses. In addition to Labor Day, they also display the flags on President’s Day, Armed Forces Day, Memorial Day, Flag Day, 4th of July, September 11th, POW Day, Columbus Day, Veterans Day, and Pearl Harbor Day.

Source: Danbury Patch

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