American Legion Retires U.S. Flags

American Legion retires U.S. flags as they pay their utmost respect to Old Glory.

Last week, 12 members of the American Legion Post 20 stood at attention during a very special flag retirement ceremony. Friends and family members also gathered to pay their respects.

American legion retires U.S. flags

Legion Commander Bob Masters said, “You would be surprised how many people do not know how to dispose of flags properly and just throw them away.” Masters lead the flag retirement ceremony that honorably disposed of torn, tattered, and faded American flags.

During the ceremony, several post commanders gave short speeches on what the American flag really meant to them. After they said their peace, they handed the flag to Masters who then placed to flags in the fire. Burning the flags and then burying the ashes is the proper way to dispose of unserviceable flags. One Legion member believes the true power of the ceremony comes from the fact that several men have died for the flag. Because of this, the American flag deserves the utmost respect.

In total, the Legion honored 12 flags. However, they have more than 30 waiting back at their post. The commander said they simply did not want to do them all in one day. They also want to urge everyone to donate old U.S. flags to their local American Legion, instead of simply throwing them away.

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Credit: Selma Times Journal 

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