Army Day

The first Army Day was observed on May 1st, 1928. This was intended to stifle the Communist celebration of Workers’ Day-also on May 1st. However, in 1929 Army Day was changed from May 1st to April 6th– the anniversary of America’s entry of World War I. It was recognized as a national holiday in hopes to draw public attention to the country’s national defense.

On April 4th, 1936, President Roosevelt proclaimed that Army Day is to be acknowledged by Congress and to be observed throughout the nation. Congress passed the resolution that recognizes April 6th as Army Day in March 1, 1937.

United States Army Flag
The Flag of the United States Army was adopted on June 12, 1956

“Our Army is a mighty arm of the tree of liberty. It is a living part of the American tradition, a tradition that goes back to Israel Putnam, who left his plow in a New England furrow to take up a gun and fight at Bunker Hill. In this tradition, American men of many ages have always left the pacific round of their usual occupations to fight in causes that were worth their lives-from Lexington to the Argonne.” –Franklin D. Roosevelt, Army Day Proclamation, 1942

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