Artist Paints Giant Flag Mural in Moore, Oklahoma

Staten Island patriotic artist LoBaido paints another giant flag mural dedicated to the residents of Moore, Oklahoma.

LoBaido OK flag mural

Only a few short weeks ago, a giant twister tore through Moore, Oklahoma flattening every home and building in its way. As the town begins to put their lives back together, US flags have been a huge sign of hope and inspiration and Scott LoBaido’s giant flag mural is no exception.

Wanting to help out in his own unique way, Scott LoBaido of Staten Island packed up his paint brushes and headed down to the tornado devastated region of Moore, Oklahoma. Once there, he painted one of his iconic American flag murals on the top of a house that somehow survived the tornado.

Giant flag mural in Moore OK

LoBaido commented on the situation with, “The flag represents support from the rest of the country, and support from Staten Islanders. It’s really about the community coming together because that’s what’s needed.”

Before the artist actually arrived in Moore, he almost got caught in another tornado! But once LoBaido was there, he said he could not take his eyes off the incredible damage that left 24 dead and over 1,000 buildings destroyed. Every TV channel showed the destruction, but seeing it in person really makes the situation come to life.

Oklahoma American flag mural

As he surveyed the debris, he finally noticed one single rooftop still standing and knew that was where he would create his patriotic US flag mural. After getting permission from the homeowners, he spent the next few days turning the roof into an amazing portrait of Old Glory that will inspire all who see it.

full OK american flag mural

Scott LoBaido travels the country, using his inspiring artwork to bring hope and honor to military soldiers and their families as well. Check out another recent giant American flag mural he painted in honor of a triple amputee US soldier.

What do you think of LoBaido’s flag artwork? Have you ever seen one of his murals in person, or a similar flag painting?

Credit: SI Live


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