Astronomical Symbols in World Flags

When looking at some of the world’s flags, you may actually be looking at special astronomical symbols from out of this world.

When looking up at the sky, do you ever think that the sun, moon, or stars would be a great symbol for a country? Well you aren’t the only one. There are actually many different world flags that have placed constellations and astronomical symbols in their national flag design, as well as many US state flags. We will look at the different celestial symbols that have been used across the world.

The Sun

The Sun symbolizes the energy and light that pours onto our planet, supporting life here on Earth.

Image of the Japan flag.

The Japanese flag incorporates the red, rising sun in a minimalistic design, similar to the Bangladesh flag. This is both a symbol of empowerment and beauty.

Image of the flag of Argentina.

The Argentina Flag originated more around a historic religion of sun worship seen in multiple cultures, like Egypt.

The Moon

The crescent moon is recognizable in a single glance. Moon symbols have been used by multiple religions and empires, like Muslim and ancient Greek Theology.

Image of the flag of Turkey.

Turkey’s flag includes both a crescent moon and a star, both symbols relating to the Ottoman Empire in the late 18th century.

Image of the Laos Flag.

Full moons make an appearance as well, shining brightly even in the day. Multiple nations incorporate the full moon into their national flag, including the Laos flag and the Palau flag.

The Stars

Many flags use stars in their symbols, including the US flag. Stars have a multitude of meanings, including good fortune and paradise.

Image of the flag of Ghana.

The Ghana flag uses a black star representing a lodestar (a star used to guide ships), perhaps meant to symbolize continuity.

Image of the Australian flag.

Australia’s flag includes the Southern Cross, a distinct constellation visible in the Southern Hemisphere. The Southern Cross can also be found on the New Zealand flag, but their flag design may change soon (check out our post Should New Zealand Change Its Flag Design? for more information).

Source: Natura Pop

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