Australia Surveyed for Possible New Flag

Following in suite with New Zealand’s call for a new flag, Australia may finally be interested in changing their nation’s flag as well. While removing the Union Jack from the flag has been an obvious choice for some Aussie’s, the idea finally took off once New Zealand started making headlines.

Below we’ll discuss the history behind the current flag and the flag survey that revealed two possible alternative flags.



The current Australian flag is a blue field with the Union Jack in the upper left hand corner. At the time of its creation, the Union jack was used to show Australia as a colony of Great Britain (who held power over half the world). In 1986, Australia finally cut constitutional ties with the United Kingdom; however the flag has since stayed the same.


In a survey running from December 16th to January 25th, Australians were asked to choose a favorite among six different flag designs.  More than 8,000 people sent in votes and with a lead of 31%, the Southern Horizon flag was most popular vote featuring Australia’s national colors of green and gold.

Southern Horizon


Replacing the union jack in this new design is a wave-like feature starting in the bottom third of the flag.
Still on the flag is the predominantly blue background, Federation Star and Southern Cross.



In second place was the Reconciliation Flag with 28% of votes. The flag features red, yellow and black to recognize the indigenous Australians. This flag has a specific recognition of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander people while the other is a neutral design with links to the current flag.



In third, the Eureka Flag took 15% of votes though the majority of people rejected its design for negative associations with unions and extreme right wing groups.

The survey found 64% of participants were interested in changing the Australian flag, while 36% believed it should remain the same.

Will Australia finally change their flag or will the iconic flag stick its ground? Stay tuned as we follow this story!

Source: Sydney Morning Herald


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