Australian Artist Designs Message Flags in Stamford, Connecticut

Image of message flags in Stamford, Connecticut.

Parts of downtown Stamford, Connecticut are now decorated with message flags designed by Australian artist (and art professor) Jon Campbell. Over 50 banners and flags are on display at various office buildings, schools and parks in the Stamford area. A not for profit art space located in Stamford, Franklin Street Works, helped with the unveiling of the flags. As you can see in the image above, these flags include messages such as Look, Hold, Play, Want, and Yeah – all of which are four letter words.

Is there a subliminal message behind these message flags? Campbell’s work aims to transform everyday words and text into pictures or objects that represent common experiences. His art is generally displayed through banners, paintings and flags. The flags in Stamford create a visual dialogue with people going about their lives.

The flags were designed to be a part of a spring exhibition in Stamford created by Franklin Street Works. Stamford is the fourth largest city in the state of Connecticut with a population of about 120,000. Campbell’s message flags will be displayed until June 14, otherwise known as Flag Day.

Image of Jon Campbell next to his message flags in Stamford, Connecticut.

Source: Stamford Daily Voice

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