Bel Air Celebrates Flag Day

Over 100 community members came out to a local park as the city of Bel Air celebrates Flag Day a little early.

Military General with American flag

Early last weekend, over 100 Bel Air community members came out to Shamrock Park to help celebrate Flag Day. Although Flag Day is officially June 14th, the city has an annual tradition of celebrating the holiday a few weeks early.

Councilman Jim McMahan served as the master of ceremonies for the event and thanked everyone for coming out the honor and respect the nation’s colors. Bel Air likes to host the ceremony in early June before school lets out to allow students to perform. The Flag Day festivities included patriotic performances from the high school band and choir.

McMahan served in the Army and also the Maryland Defense Force, a state-run military unit. During the ceremony he said, “I certainly appreciate the students that have come today to sing for us, and to play.” He also oversaw the official raising of the colors that was carried out by members of the American Legion and Disabled American Veterans chapter.

Bel Air Flag Day celebration

Most spectators watched the Flag Day ceremony from under the large trees in the park, shading themselves from the hot afternoon sun. McMahan closed the weekend ceremonies by letting the community know that any US flag design approved by Congress since 1777 can be flown. In fact, Bel Air has a flag from the War of 1812 era flying in front of the county administrative office.

This is only one example of many ways communities around the country celebrated Flag Day. In Ohio, this town help a Great American Picnic that included the unveiling of the world’s largest US flag ever! Did your city do anything special to honor the flag?

Credit: Baltimore Sun

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