Blue and White National Flags

We will not cover all blue and white national flags in this post – but you can see flags of all color combinations in the credits section below. You will also notice that all of these flags only use two colors.


Image of the Finland flag.

The flag of Finland is one of the world’s similar looking national flags – as its design is relatable to the flag of Sweden, Norway, Denmark, and Iceland. Despite its lack of design originality, the flag’s symbolism does have some uniqueness to it. The flag’s white background stands for the country’s snow covered mountains while the blue cross stands for the many lakes in Finland.


Image of the Greek flag.

The Greek flag displays 9 alternating stripes of white and blue. It also features a white cross on a blue background on the upper hoist side of the flag. All of these design concepts make for one of the busier national flag designs. While there is some discrepancy on the actual meaning of the flag’s colors, it is widely accepted that the white and blue on the flag represent the sea, sky, clouds and waves.


Image of the Israel flag.

The flag of Israel was designed based on the Zionist movement in 1891. The design resembles a Jewish prayer shawl with the blue and white stripes. The official Jewish symbol, the Star of David, sits at the center of the flag. The blue on the flag stands for trust and loyalty while the white stands for peace and tranquility – which is the international meaning of the color white on a flag.

United Nations

Image of the United Nations flag.

The United Nations flag symbolizes peace and security among the nations. The flag’s design features a world map inscribed in a wreath. The United Nations includes many countries throughout the world and this flag properly represents all of the nations while using only two colors.

Credit: Wikipedia

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