Boy Gets Flag in Memory of his Fallen Military Father

Flags for Fallen Military installs flagpole for Spec. Steven Jewell

The son of fallen military man, Specialist Steven Jewell, continues to remember his father with an honorary flagpole. Military men and women constantly put their lives on the line for our country every day and, unfortunately, some make the ultimate sacrifice.

Will Jewell, 13, remembers the day he found out he lost his dad in a helicopter crash during a post-maintenance test flight in Iraq. Will comments on the dedication ceremony saying he’s “excited he has something to remember the United States by, him, and I love to honor our patriot guard riders, and the flag – our freedom.”

Even though Steven passed away five years ago, Will says it doesn’t get any easier.

Earlier this month, Will’s family surprised him with a visit from two important groups: the Patriot Guard Riders and Flags for Fallen Military. They helped install the flagpole and raised an American flag to fly proudly in honor of Jewell. Under the pole a stone monument reads, “In honor and remembrance, Spec. Steven Jewell. On August 14, 2007, this loving father paid the supreme price for freedom for his son, Will, and his fellow Americans.”

Steven will always live on in Will’s memory, but for Will, the flag is for something much more – pursuing a dream of one day flying in the Air Force.

Source: WFMY News

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