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A look into the Brazilian flag and the history behind its unique design and colors, plus other interesting flag facts.

There are approximately 195 independent countries in the world, each with their own unique flag. Here, we take a deeper look into the Brazilian flag and the history behind its unique design and colors.

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The Brazilian flag begins with a dark green background with a large yellow diamond in the middle. In the center of the diamond is a blue globe with 27 five-pointed white stars. Each star represents one of each of the states in the Federal District, which are arranged in the same pattern as the Brazil night sky. Across the globe is a white banner that reads, β€œOrdem E Progresso,” that translates in English to Order and Progress.

Just like with the American flag, each color stands for something very important to the Brazilian culture. Yellow represents the gold reserves the country holds. Green symbolizes the great Amazon Rainforest, Atlantic Jungle, and the Panama – all of their amazing tropical landscape.

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The ultimate inspiration for the Brazilian flag came from the former Brazilian Empire that used to rule the country. Their current Brazilian Republic flag was officially adopted on November 19th, 1889.

Brazil also has very strict rules for flying their country flag, many of which are similar to American flag etiquette. When flying multiple flags, there is a definite hierarchy to follow:

  • Brazilian National Flag
  • Brazilian State Flag
  • Brazilian Military Flag
  • Other Brazilian Flags

Other flag etiquette for Brazil includes flying the flag at half-staff during periods of grief or mourning. The flag is also not allowed to touch the ground and tattered flags unfit to fly should be retired and replaced. Also, flying the flag upside down denotes distress. Rules also state that the national flag should always be hoisted first and lowered last, much like the American flag.


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  1. Actually, the flag colors does not represent the natural richness of the country. Green represents the House of Braganza of Dom Pedro I, and yellow the dynastic lineage from Maria Leopoldia, who was part of the Habsburg family. The Habsburgs had, historically, yellow as their color

      1. You are right Camryn Dwyer. There was a time in the Brazilian History that the colours represented the House of Braganza, his wife Maria Leopoldina, and I think, if I still can recall from my schooling years in Brazil, as I am Brazilian as well, she was from Austria. When D. Pedro I lost his Empire because of the proclaimed Independence, the colours no longer addressed the Portuguese Empire over the country.

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