Canadian Flag History | The Maple Leaf Flag

How much do you know about the history behind the Canadian flag and its unique maple leaf design?

On February 15th, 1965, Canada officially adopted their current maple leaf flag. The formal proclamation came from Queen Elizabeth II and was raised above Parliament Hill in Canada’s capital Ottawa. But what flag did Canada fly prior to the Maple Leaf Flag?

Canadian Red Ensign Flag | CVS Flags
Canadian Red Ensign Flag

In 1610, the lower part of Canada was a British colony and flew the Union Jack flag. However, after the French and Indian war in 1763, France lost its part of Canada and the flag of Great Britain flew across the entire territory.

By 1867, Canada was establish as a self-governing federation and three short years later flew a new flag all their own. This flag was called the Red Ensign flag and consisted of a solid red field with the Union Jack occupying the upper-left corner with a crest in the right part of the flag.

Canadian Flag | CVS Flags

But, by 1925 the country was ready for a flag redesign yet again. And so the search began for a brand new flag to call their own. A select committee examined almost 3,000 designs submitted by Canadians looking to make history. However, it was not until the 1960’s that a new official flag was officially adopted – the iconic maple leaf flag.

Today, the red and white maple leaf flag still flews high and proud in Canada and is one of the world’s most recognizable flags. Interested in flying your own Canadian Flag? Order one today, or browse our large selection of other world flags.


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