World Flag Etiquettes

Know your flag etiquette for different flags from around the world. Like the US flag, national flags have sets of protocols and etiquettes. Flags from around the world are flown every day. But are we flying them properly? There are different protocols that are put in place to make sure... Read more

Military Funeral Customs

Standard Honor Standard honor is a military funeral custom that is commonly used to honor standard members of the military. Standard military honor includes: A military chaplain An American flag draped over the casket A team of honor guards to carry the casket Fighter jets provide a ceremonial flyover for... Read more

American Flag Display at Sports Games

The American flag is most prominent during the national anthem as the entire stadium shows their support to the United States of America. During this time, sports teams have decided to get creative in their ways to display patriotism. They have started using large flags, numerous flags, and card stunts.... Read more

American Flag Maintenance Tips

So you just hung up your brand new high quality American flag, now you just leave it there, right? Wrong. Just like anything, the American flag needs maintenance in order to preserve its vibrant display. Take a look at the American flag maintenance tips below and remember to always follow... Read more