Mauritius – National Flags

At we carry over 75 national flags ranging from the popular to lesser known. One flag/nation many might not recognize is the flag of Mauritius. The Republic of Mauritius is a volcanic island located in the Indian Ocean near Madagascar. History Uninhibited until 1638, the Dutch named the island... Read more

Cubs Win Flag – Sports

If you’re from the Mid-West chances are you’re either a Cincinnati Reds, Chicago Cubs or St. Louis Cardinals fan when it comes to baseball. And if you’re a cubs fan, you’re probably sitting on the edge of your seat every game dreaming of the next Cubs World Series win. One... Read more

National Flag Day of Canada

Canada celebrated the 51st anniversary of its flag this Monday for National Flag Day of Canada. Though the country has been celebrating Canada Day for nearly 150 years, the country did not adopt its current flag until 1965. The day is celebrated by flying the national flag, some public ceremonies,... Read more