Charles County Flies POW/MIA Flag Every Day

The Maryland County is the first government county to fly the POW/MIA flag every day, year round.

Private First Class Francis DeSales Wills was born October 18, 1944. A few decades later he was sent to Vietnam as part of the Headquarters & Headquarters Company, where he was later taken as a Prisoner of War. Wills was remembered during a special ceremony that was held as Charles County became the first government county in Maryland to fly the POW/MIA flag every day, year round.

Charles County POW-MIA flag

James Shekleton, member of the Rolling Thunder Maryland Chapter 1, noticed Charles County did not raise the POW flag and brought it to the attention of the chapter. Along with the county officials, Shekleton helped put together the ceremony to honor Wills. Shekleton said, “Someone once said dying for my country isn’t the worst thing that can happen. Being forgotten is.”

Commissioner Ken Robinson (D: 1st) told a story close to him about the POW/MIA flag’s meaning and the importance of educating every generation about it. As he was driving on the Belt Parkway, a section of highway dedicated to the memory of POW’s and MIA’s, he explained, “In the car with me was a 22 year-old college graduate cousin of mine who asked me, ‘What does POW MIA mean?’ From this day forward, let’s make sure every generation knows what POW/MIA means.”

The Charles County POW/MIA flag ceremony welcomed speeches from the Commander of Naval Surgace Warfare Center Dahlgren Division, a former POW purple heart receipient, members of the Wills family, as well as several more. It was a very special moment for the Wills family, as he is the only known POW in Charles County, Maryland.

Source: The Bay Net

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