Christian Flag Etiquette

Image of the Christian flag.

As you may know, you must follow proper flag etiquette at all times when flying the American flag. There are various guidelines to follow when displaying any flag and the Christian flag is no different. Christian flag etiquette may not be as in depth as American flag etiquette, but that doesn’t mean it’s not as important. Follow the guidelines below when displaying your Christian flag.

Christian Flag Etiquette

  • The Christian flag is never to be dipped to any flag; however, it may be dipped towards the Alter Cross.
  • It is appropriate to place the Christian flag next to a national flag. This symbolizes patriotic, religious and spiritual loyalties.
  • The Christian flag is always placed to the right of other flags stationed in the same area, except for the American flag (see below).
  • It is appropriate to display the Christian flag with the American flag as long as both flags are on the same level and placed on opposite sides of the sanctuary facing the congregation.
    • Most believe that best practice is to place the American flag to the congregations front left (congregations perspective), and the Christian flag to the congregations front right (congregations perspective). Both flags should be relatively the same size and placed on the far outside of the congregation.
  • If flown on a flag pole, the Christian flag should be flown below the American flag. The only exception is when church services are conducted by naval chaplains at sea.
  • When displayed alone, the Christian flag should be on floor level on the far outside of the congregation’s front right point of view.
  • If displayed on the chancel, choir loft or communion railing, the Christian flag should be placed to the far right of the clergymen, alter, and choir – always facing the congregation.

Image of the American flag and the Christian flag flown on the same flag pole.

Days to display your Christian Flag

(In alphabetical order)

  • Advent
  • All Saints’ Day
  • Ash Wednesday
  • Assumption Day
  • Christmas
  • Easter
  • Good Friday
  • Lent
  • Palm Sunday
  • Sunday – Sunday is known as the Lords day.
  • Thanksgiving

You may fly the Christian flag on any day, but these days are singled out as more important dates in the Christian religion. This list may never be comprehensive because of different standards and beliefs.

Sources:, Religion Facts

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23 Replies to “Christian Flag Etiquette

  1. My husband and I are wanting to purchase a flag pole and fly three flays, Christian Flag , US Flag and the Texas Flag. We have always heard never fly a flag over the US flag but when we thought of purchasing a Christian flag, I went searching for etiquette on flying the Christian flag. I saw where it is ok to fly the Christian Flag over the US Flag, that it was not a illegal procedure to do this. Then when I started thinking about our pledge of allegiance to the flag, I remembered it does say, “One Nation Under God!” Do you agree with the other site saying that this is ok etiquette? Also, for flying three flags, what would be the three flag’s size and the pole size?

    1. This information below from “The United States Flag: Federal Law Relating to Display and Associated Questions” Complete flag code found here :

      No other flag or pennant should be placed above, or, if on the same level, to the right of the flag of the United States of America, except during church services conducted by naval chaplains at sea… for personnel of the Navy… when the church pennant may be flown above the flag.

      We would need to know the size of flags you want to use or the height of the pole to answer your question: Also, for flying three flags, what would be the three flag’s size and the pole size?

      1. I intend to fly my Christian flag above the American flag. If burning a flag is freedom of speech, flying my Christian flag above is freedom of speech

  2. Just to make sure, the order of precedence for the following flags are: US flag, Papal flag, Ohio state flag and a school flag. thank-you

  3. I have two Christian flags that are torn and need to be destroyed. I was wanting to know the proper way to do this. I don’t just want to put them in the trash can.

    1. I would dispose of them in the same way….a burning ceremony. Unless of course, you could fold it and display it folded as a symbol of the years you have done so.

  4. I have a mini sized 3 holding flag stand mounted on my railing outside for small flags on a stick, the middle holder is a little taller….how would i display the American, Christian n pow flag then? Also i read that certain city halls finally made the pow flag a permanent fixture…would it be proper to keep these flags up at all times? Tanks

    1. FDR displayed the Christian flag above the US flag.

      My statement is GOD FIRST.
      God’s Laws first. Without God’s Laws the country falls apart.

  5. Why do you suggest that the Christian Flag should be flown below the American flag when on the same pole … when the Pledge of Allegiance says, “one nation … UNDER GOD”? Are you suggesting that our nation should come before our God?

    1. We are only stating what is published in the United States Flag Code. You may refer to the United States Flag Code under Section 7 to see where this information was pulled from. We try to just stick to the guidelines that have been laid out for us as best we can and keep our opinions separate. We are not suggesting anything or taking sides, just providing information in an unbiased manner.

  6. When saying the Christian flag pledge, does one put the right hand on the heart as one does for the U.S. pledge of allegiance?

  7. I agree with you 100%, if the country was found on God first then country then fly the Christian Flag the highest, God created the world in 6 days the world needs to know it’s place and know it is One nation under God, and In God We Trust.

  8. Is there a special ceremony to retire a Christian flag when it is torn and stained? Our church replaced our Christian flag in the sanctuary because it was very old torn and stained. We were wondering what to do with the old one.

  9. As a Christian minister for nearly 45 years, I would like to use the Christian flag on my casket in place of a spray of flowers or (as veterans do) the American flag. Is there any prohibition or special etiquette regarding this?

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