City Council Supports Flag Etiquette Program

University students start their own flag etiquette program called Restore the Glory to repair and replace worn out American flags.

A pair of patriotic university students approached the Tiffin city council with a request for old and tattered American flag. They would like to start their own flag etiquette program to replace and repair damaged U.S. flags.

Tyler Todd and Micheal Porter, two student Veteran Organization members, plan on calling their program the Restore the Glory project. The program would give American flags proper retirements, provide flag owners a change to replace old flags and educate the public on proper flag etiquette code.

flag etiquette program torn American flag

“It makes me feel good, especially to see young people out here driving this,” Councilman Jim Roberts said.Councilwoman Lori Ritzler thanked the group for spreading the knowledge of flags in schools.

As of February 18th, the Restore the Glory project evaluated 2/3 of the flying American flags in their city and found 29 that needed serious attention and love. Thus far, the group hopes to raise $300 to replace those flags. Council President Paul Elchert thanked the boys for their presentation and agreed the tattered stars and stripes did not properly represent what the flag means or their community. The Council also plans on issuing a letter of support for the flag etiquette program.

Credit: Advertiser Tribune

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