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Image of the Indianapolis city flag.

The flag of Indianapolis has not only flown since 1963, but it was ranked as the 8th best of 150 American city flags according to a 2004 survey. The flag properly depicts the style and work ethic of the city it represents.

The flag’s design is a rough sketch of downtown Indianapolis. The white star represents the Soldiers and Sailors Monument, which is a 284 foot monument, built on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis. The monument is the first to be dedicated to the common soldier, and it is the largest outdoor memorial in Indiana. The red circle around the white star represents “the driving energy and urge for progress” in the city. The two white lines represent two streets (Meridan & Market) that meet at the Monument Circle. The four blue quadrants symbolize the different residential areas of the city.

About the city of Indianapolis:

The name Indianapolis comes from the state name of Indiana, mixed with the Greek word for city, which is polis. Indianapolis is known as “the crossroads of America”, or the “racing capital of the world”. It gets these nicknames because of the Indy 500 race and the various interstates that meet at the city’s center. You can also simply refer to it as “Indy” for short. It is the largest city (830,000 people) and the capital city of Indiana.

Indianapolis Fun Facts:

  • Indianapolis is a sports town, most known for the aforementioned Indianapolis 500, the Pacers and Colts.
  • The Indianapolis Motor Speedway is the highest capacity sports venue in the world.
  • Indianapolis has the second most monuments of any U.S. city (33) – only Washington D.C. has more.
  • Elvis Presley performed his last concert here in 1977.
  • Frank Sinatra made is signing debut at the Lyric Theater in 1940.
  • Indianapolis features the first international airport built after September 11, 2001. It was also voted as the safest, most secure airport by travelers.

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