Civil War Flag on Display in Oshkosh, Wisconsin

A piece of war history sits on display in Wisconsin museum.

At a museum in Oshkosh, Wisconsin, a special artifact from the Civil War reminds views of the past. The antique Civil War flag tells a rich history of the early United States. A call to arms reached Oshkosh in 1861. With that, three companies emerged, including one organized and run by John W. Scott.

Oshkosh Civil War Flag

Debra Dauber, a curator for the Oshkosh public museum, says women from all over the area gathered up all the silk they could find in order to make American flags. The women hand-stitched 34 stars on a flag in no particular order. Before they left for battle, the town presented the flag to Scott’s men, who formed the 3rd Wisconsin Volunteer Infantry.

That was the last time the community saw that special flag. No records were ever recovered until the Scott family donated the flag to the museum in the 1920’s. Later, a conservator spent a year tirelessly restoring the stars and stripes to their original luster. The Civil War flag will be on display to the public until next April.

Credit: Fox 11

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