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As you may know, eleven states seceded from the United States during the American Civil War. The eleven states that seceded were South Carolina, Mississippi, Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Louisiana, Texas, Virginia, Arkansas, North Carolina and Tennessee. These eleven states formed what was known as the Confederate States of America. Since all of the states that seceded were in the southern portion of the country, the Confederate States were often referred to as “The South”.

Not all eleven states decided to create new flags after seceding from the Union, however. Lets take a closer look at the Civil War state flags, also known as the secession flags.

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The Virginia Secession Flag was actually the first ever state flag flown in Virginia.

Image of the Virginia state flag during the Civil War.

South Carolina

After seceeding from the Union, South Carolina actually considered designing its own national flag, but decided on this Civil War state flag known as the South Carolina Secession Flag.

Image of the South Carolina state flag during the Civil War.

North Carolina

The Confederate North Carolina flag is similar to its current flag design – the only difference between the two is the confederate saltire located on the right side of the flag.

Mississippi – “Magnolia Flag”

The Magnolia flag featured the Bonnie Blue Flag at the top left with a magnolia tree at the center. This secession flag remained in use long after the Civil War ended.

Image of the Mississippi state flag during the Civil War.


Louisiana designed a civil war state flag that based on the French flag. Although it does not entirely resemble the French flag, the state wanted to pay tribute to its historical influences.

Image of the Louisiana state flag during the Civil War.


Florida flew two different Civil War state flags after seceding from the Union. One was known as the Bonnie Blue Flag (used in West Florida). The other was simply the Confederate flag with the Florida seal replacing the star field.

Image of the Florida state flag during the Civil War.

Tennessee (proposed flag)

The Tennessee government proposed a new flag design leading up to the Civil War, but never officially adopted it. It was designed to look like the confederate flag but placed the state seal where the stars were.

Image of the Tennessee state flag during the Civil War.

Bonnie Blue Flag

While never officially being adopted by the Confederate States, the Bonnie Blue Flag served as a banner for the Confederates during the Civil War. The flag was flown in some, but not all of the Confederate states.

Image of the Bonnie Blue flag.

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