U.S. Coast Guard Flag History | Coast Guard Seal

Do you know what the Coast Guard flag looks like? Learn about the history behind the official U.S. Coast Guard Seal and flag.

U.S. Coast Guard Flag

Do you know what the official U.S. Coast Guard Flag looks like? It starts with a white background an eagle in dark blue. Right above the eagle are the words, “United States Coast Guard.” Directly below the eagle are the words, “Semper Paratus 1790,” which translates to “Always Ready,” and the year relates back to when the Revenue Cutter Service was founded.

The Coast Guard flag consists of a blue bald eagle with its wings spread open. In one foot, the blue bald eagle holds a bundle of wheat and in its mouth a scroll. On the eagle’s chest is a small banner with red and white stripes.

Coast Guard Seal

Today, the official Coast Guard Seal does not appear on the flag. It consists of two anchors crossed and pointing down. In the middle of them is a circle with the words, “United States Coast Guard, 1790.” In the very center is a small banner with red and white stripes; some versions also include, “Semper Paratus.”

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Credit: Wikipedia | USCG.mil

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