Collins Flags Helps Kentucky Alumni Celebrate NCAA Basketball Championship – Manhattan, NY.

UK Alumni Celebrate 69-61 Victory over UL Rivals

March Madness is upon us again! The image above is a picture of the celebration that took place at Jack Dempsey’s bar after Kentucky defeated Louisville in the Final Four of the 2012 Men’s NCAA Division 1 Basketball Tournament.  The NYC UK Alumni Association joyfully celebrated the victory in front of their University of Kentucky flag that they acquired from Collins Flags. The University of Kentucky is one of the many NCAA flags we offer. Let Collins Flags be apart of your team’s run this year whether that be in a bar or in the comfort of your humble abode.

The University of Kentucky New York City Alumni Association is a growing group of alumni located in New York that are interested in participating in fun events while cheering on their beloved Wildcats.  The club hosts events, game watching parties, and activities in the tri-state area with the goal of creating lifelong friends.

They currently have a lot to celebrate as their Wildcat basketball team went on to win the National Championship title and steal all of the March Madness glory with their 67-59 victory over the Kansas Jayhawks.  Check out more photos from the celebration at Jack Dempsey’s & find out more about UK-themed bars across the nation.

Congratulations to the University of Kentucky’s Men’s Basketball team on their 2012 National Championship season!

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