Colorado Day-

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Colorado Day

Today is the 1st of August. Today is also Wednesday, but did you know that today is Colorado Day. Unless you live in Colorado you were probably unaware. On this day in 1876, President Ulysses S. Grant made Colorado the “Centennial State.” Welcome to the team!

What does this mean for the residents or visitors of Colorado? Well, you can celebrate Colorado’s birthday with music, dancing, performances and FREE ADMISSION to the museums. If you like to explore or want to just take in a beautiful nature experience be sure to make your way to one of the 41 state parks on Monday, August 6th. All of the Colorado Parks and Wildlife will celebrate by allowing patrons free admission. We all are aware of Colorado’s has breath taking scenery, but it also has a rather unique flag. The Colorado flag consists of three horizontal stripes of equal width; the top and bottom stripes are blue, and the middle stripe white. On top of these stripes sits a circular red “C”, filled with a golden disk.


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