Most Colorful National Flags

Remember when we touched on the most similar looking national flags, and the most similar looking state flags? In continuing our series on the appearance of many of the world’s national flags, we will take a look at some of the most colorful national flags. In case you do not recognize these country names, all of these colorful national flags are from countries in or near Africa.


The Mauritius flag slightly resembles a rainbow with its red, purple, green, and yellow striped colors. Each color on the flag is a meaningful representation of the country. Red for the bloodshed during the times of slavery, blue for the Indian Ocean, yellow for the sunshine and independence, and green for the vegetation on the island.

Image of the Mauritius national flag.


The flag of Togo has five horizontal stripes of alternating green and yellow. There is a five point star in a red square at the top right. The three colors of red, yellow and green are Pan-African colors borrowed from the Ethiopian flag.

Image of the Togo national flag.


This is possibly the most recognizable name of all the countries on this list. The flag of Zimbabwe features seven horizontal stripes with a white triangle that displays a star and a bird. There is a lot going on in this flag, with colors of red, black, green, and yellow. The colors do not have a known meaning, however, the bird symbolizes the country’s history and the bird symbolizes the struggle for freedom and peace.

Image of the Zimbabwe national flag.


Comoros is a tiny island country off the Indian Ocean coast of Africa. Their flag design consists of a white crescent moon with four white stars inside a green triangle. There are four stripes on the flag, yellow, white, red and blue. The colors represent the four islands of the nation, and the crescent stands for Islam, their nation’s religious beliefs.

Image of the Comoros national flag.


Seychelles is another tiny island country off the Indian Ocean coast of Africa. This flag is a relatively new flag, being adopted in 1996. The colors of their flag represent the official colors of the nation’s top political parties.

Image of the Seychelles national flag.

Central Africa

There are a lot of colors on the Central African national flag. Similar to other national flags on this list, the colors represent the country in a number of ways. The red symbolizes bloodshed in order to gain independence, blue is for the sky, white is for peace, green is for hope, and yellow represents tolerance.

Image of the Central Africa national flag.

South Africa

South Africa is one of the more recognizable names and flags on this list – mostly because of their regular appearances in the summer Olympics. Their flag consists of six different colors, one of the most diverse color schemes among all flags. The flag is also newer, being adopted in 1994 to represent the country’s newfound democracy.

Image of the South Africa national flag.

It is worth noting that there are many other colorful national flags, they are not limited to the ones chosen here.

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